GHOSTGLIDES® started as a passion project in 2020 by a couple of esports industry professionals, we've spent the last 7+ years working alongside some of the worlds best professional teams in CS:GO, DOTA, Valorant, Apex Legends, League of Legends and PUBG in arenas and training facility's all over the world. We found that a lot of the skates on the market have over-exaggerated curves which results in reduced contact with the mousepad which can lead to too much speed and un-even wear so we got to work on designing our own.


With the help of professional esports players we designed, developed and tested our very first set of mouse skates based on a series of key elements and premium materials that stay true to what we feel makes the perfect mouse feet for competitive gaming:

  • Speed
  • Control/Stopping Power
  • Consistency/Wear
  • Curve Design

Fast forward to today GHOSTGLIDES® skates have seen many improvements with our latest EDGERUNNER skates being launched in 2022 featuring a special micro-curve design that's unique to our skates.

We are not an overseas factory and we don't believe in marketing gimmicks or following trends.


GHOSTGLIDES® is a fully trademarked and registered company, committed to designing and developing the best performing esports products to give you the advantage in competitive gaming. 

Since launch we have sold more than 10,000+ sets of skates worldwide and continue to improve on new products through rigorous testing and feedback from professional esports players and customers.

You can find more information about us on our FAQ page.

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported us on our journey so far <3